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Junior Achievement Estonia's mission is: To develop the entrepreneurial spirit in young people by giving them the ability to think economically, but also ethically.

In 2010/2011. Junior Achievement Estonia programs and materials were used in:

* Primary schools: 181 classes, 3,389 students;

* Primary schools: 128 classes, 2160 students;

* Secondary schools: 352 classes, 6,892 students;

* Total: 661 classes, 12 441 schoolchildren.

JA Estonia main activities:

1) Preparation of training materials,
2) Training of economics and business teachers
3) Organizing student activities
4) Sending students and teachers to competitions, conferences and other educational events
5) Raising public awareness of the need for entrepreneurship education
History of JA Estonia

In 1991 a joint conference organised by computer company IBM and the former USSR Ministry of Education was held in Alma-Ata, Kazakhstan. Focus was on joint projects and among other things Junior Achievement was mentioned as well. Later that year in Moscow Junior Achievement programs were introduced to teachers and education staff.

In February early next year  two Estonian teachers Mari Suurväli and Ida Tšekulajeva participated in Junior Achievement courses for teachers and became the first people in Estonia with Junior Achievement teacher certificate. Work began immediately on two pilot classes (Väike-Õismäe High School and Tallinn School No. 40).

In August 1992, the Open Estonia Foundation in cooperation with Junior Achievement International specialists organised a training for high school teachers in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Ukraine. This event laid the basis for the actual teaching Junior Achievement programs in Estonia.

On 20th April in 1994  Junior Achievement Estonia was registered as an independent organization and its first director was Mari Suurväli , who was active in Junior Achievement Estonia until 2002.

In 1996 Junior Achievement Estonia joined the coordinating organization of student companies, the Young Enterprise Europe and since then has actively participated in European Student Companies trade fairs and competitions.

In 2002 Young Enterprise Europe and Junior Achievement Central and Eastern Europe joined and formed Junior Achivement - Young Enterprise Europe (JA-YEE).

In 2002 Epp Vodja who joined JA Estonia in 1993 became the secon director of JA Estonia.

In 2003 Estonian student company Staff from the Paide Ühisgümnaasium finished third at the European Student Company Competition. This was the first time for Estonian student companies to finish the European competition in the top three.

In 2009 Estonian student company Roheline Jälg (The Green Footprint) from Tallinn School No. 21 was crowned winner of the European Student Company Competition. First place was achieved again in 2003 by student company 3 Little Pigs from Tartu Hugo Treffner School. Alltogether Estonian student companies have reached the top three on six occasions.
JA Estonia has been active for over 20 years and it has 7 employees. In school year 2012-2013 227 JA Estonia registered 227 student companies with about 1000 members between them - an increase of about 70 student companies compared to the previous year. This was also the first year when there was an active student company in every county at once. JA Estonia plans to increase the number of student companies even more in the future.
The next European Student Company of the Year Competition takes place in 2014 in Tallinn. Hosting the 25th European Competition in Tallinn is a clear sign of the good work of JA Estonia.
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