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Estonian- Moldavian partnership for promoting entrepreneurship education

Estonian- Moldavian partnership for promoting entrepreneurship education


September 2012 - August 2013

Financed by the U.S. Embassy and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Estonia

Project is a next step after the first project of Junior Achievement Estonia for development aid to Moldova financed by Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
The content of this project is drawn after finding out the needs of Moldova during the first project. At the same time, the focus will stay on four pillars of entrepreneurship education: development of the organisation delivering economics and entrepreneurship education, developing programmes of entrepreneurship education, training teachers in this field and offering opportunities for the best students for promoting entrepreneurship and economics education among youth and their parents.
We go on with counselling Moldavian organisation. JA Moldova had a change in management in spring 2011 again and the new leader Tatiana Ungureanu has already turned to JA Estonia with clear message that she is interested in getting support from Estonian colleagues. It is easier to transfer knowledge and experiences from one organisation to another if there is mutual understanding between two organisations as it is between JA Estonia and JA Moldova. JA Estonia is advising in fundraising, volunteering, teacher training, partnership with schools, choosing programmes, getting students to international competitions, etc.
We go on developing programmes together. We are interesting in involving more Moldavian specialists into this process as the programmes have to fit into local situation and they have to be sustainable in the country. We will have partnership in developing student company programme (we can say that Estonia has one of the best programmes in Europe), we focus on the programme of innovation camps and economics simulations.

Training sessions organised together for Estonian and Moldavian teachers turned out to be very efficient for both sides. The first training is planned for Moldavian teachers in Moldova with 8 Estonian specialists. We plan to implement two training courses in the same time: economics simulation for teachers and innovation camp for youth. Both training sessions are planned to be implemented twice in different places.
In November we plan to start on-line training session in simulations for teachers. Teachers can use these simulations in classroom lessons. These are attractive also for students who are not motivated in academic lessons and we have many experiences that just these simulations maybe the tool to offer the first success experience to talented but unmotivated youth. The culmination of the training will be a short competition for Moldavian and Estonian teachers together.
In the beginning of December we plan Moldavian delegation to participate in the innovation camp organised in Narva and in regional student company trade fair in Pärnu. We have planned to invite 4 teachers, 2 graduate students and 6 students from Moldova. Teachers will act as observers, graduates who have got the training in October in Moldova will work as second group leaders together with Estonian young group leaders who lead the camp, and students participate in the innovation camp. This method enables Moldova to get three different experiences from the camp and it will be easier for them to organise such camps themselves in the future. After the innovation camp Moldavians visit schools and on Saturday they will participate in Pärnu student company trade fair with about 30 student companies from Estonia. Here students will meet their Estonian peers and it is a good opportunity to start international partnership by organising Enterprises without Borders. They will be facilitated by JA Estonia specialists in this process.
In the beginning of December preparations for on-line student economic simulation will start. Simulation will take place in January and February with 200 Moldavian students and 300 Estonian students, In January students will be facilitated and advised by Jelena Kantor who is one of the best specialists in economic simulations in JA-YE Europe. The learning process will be followed by a short competition in February.
In February 2 Moldavian student companies with its teachers, consultants and JA Moldavian staff person will be invited to Estonian student company trade fair with 100 student companies participating. In addition we are expecting to have guests also from Norway, Sweden, Latvia. Students obtain experiences and skills in selling, communication, foreign languages. An Enterprise without Borders, or even more that one, will be expected to be formed. Teachers observe the organising process of the trade fair and learn how to prepare students for trade fairs. During the trip also schools will be visited and relations with Estonian teachers will be formed. During the trade fair there will be also a hands-in training for teachers (all teachers get tasks during the trade fair they have to find answers).
In May a training visit to Estonia is planned for Moldavian teachers (10). They will have a training session about entrepreneurship, student companies, marketing, creativity. If new needs will come out during the year, items can be added.
During the year learning materials will be shared and programme development will be discussed. Also a new teaching material for lower secondary school will be developed and published in both countries. JA Estonia mentors staff of JA Moldova in adapting European materials for local situation.

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